As you know, our company has almost 350 agents among 10 offices, in 3 separate MLSs, and many agents work in teams. The ability for each agent to receive feedback directly has greatly enhances our response time on requests for further information on listings, and on contract negotiations, particularly on weekends. All our Agents like saving time and money with the FREE Professional Feedback system that has helped them sell houses faster!
Barbara Hawkins, Prudential C Dan Joyner

I tried to use Showing Assist but my emails were not getting delivered and it was a nightmare. I need a more secure means of the most important part of a showing which is the showing request. My IT Director stated he or the IT industry would not risk nor recommend using an email system for time sensitive or important transmittal. Our comparison, AOS Real Front Desk was the lowest cost with greatest features with a secure system to help me sleep at night knowing I will receive all showing requests.
Dick G., RE/MAX Broker / Owner

We were the first office in Litchfield to subscribe to AOS – Real Front Desk. I love it! There is no comparison between AOS – Real Front Desk and Showing Assist. Email is a great idea and a significant part of our business, but if one wants to schedule an appointment, nothing beats speaking to a real person who can log in a showing immediately and emails do get lost! There is no substitute for the human touch. Showing Assist may be ‘free’ through the MLS, but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for….
Ileana S., Principal Broker

My Century 21 Office evaluated both Showing Desk and AOS Real Front Desk showing and feedback systems. After comparing features and cost we made the decision a year ago to go with AOS Real Front Desk. If your company is not using AOS Real Front, I recommend you take a look at their system and do your own comparison!.
– Lauren B., Past Century 21 Regional Director

I compared many showing desk systems on the market to AOS – Real Front Desk for use with our Call Center. I needed a fast and mature system, and found nothing close to AOS – Real Front Desk. We have 350 plus agents in our firm with a Call Center that receives a large volume of calls hourly. We need a fast showing system, a mature and complete system, so that the administrators can work most efficiently, without any downtime or slow downs in the system. AOS – Real Front Desk is that system. Not only is it very easy to use, the updates are on time, the support is more than what I expected, and the speed of the system is FAST! I know of no other showing desk system that compares with AOS – Real Front Desk.
Amanda, Century 21 (Call Center Manager – 350 plus agents)

I ran an MLS in the Northeast for more than 20 years. Working with many solution providers, you find some to have what real estate company needs and most of the time the cost overrides the features, NOT AOS – Real Front Desk. The Independent Brokers Network has investigated all front desk showing solutions. We found AOS to have more to offer than any other front desk solution today. The cost is the best and features are greater than any other front desk solution we found. We are urging all of the Independent Brokers Network to select AOS as their front desk solution.
Tom Mulhearn, Independent Brokers Network

We switched from a company’s client based solution that we used for years to their new web based showing desk solution trying it for 2 months and had nothing but problems. We switched to AOS and all our problems were gone immediately. We are so happy with AOS and all their great features. WE LOVE IT, WE LOVE IT, WE LOVE IT. AOS is the best without a doubt for all our 7 offices.
Leslie, Administrator RE/MAX

Comparing Advanced Office Solution to another showing solution which we have used for several years is like night and day. The other showing solution cost was twice as much with their based price, extra feedback system cost and they had less features. AOS’s features are greater, NO HIDDEN Cost, system runs faster without freezing up, price is much lower and service is much better. I will recommend this to all real estate firms especially all Prudential Real Estate Firms.
Don Lunnetta, Prudential RE IT Real Estate Consultant.

Why select another internet based real estate office system that is not as experienced and proven as AOS? AOS is all I need. Your team really did what we have been asking for years in a office system! It has been 4 years now and AOS is running better than ever.
Tom Fitzgibbons, Century 21 Elite Performance, Ohio

Area Board of Realtors State, Advanced Office Solution is the most technically advanced, yet easy to use Real Estate office solution on the market today.

AOS is so easy to use. I have used another showing desk real estate showing software and other showing software. AOS can be used very easily by all agents in my office with NO SOFTWARE NEEDED from any computer anywhere, even at their home office or client’s house. AOS is awesome and so much better than all the rest!Adrienne Gallo, Viking Realty

AOS is best Internet based and office system. I have research for years many showing systems and I am so happy with AOS. They have listened well to us and now you can see the results from their years of experience in developing AOS. It really works well.
Anthony DellaMura, ERA First Choice

WOW. I am totally amazed with your products. With TMS integrating into AOS, I can do so much more. With one click of the mouse, you save me more time. I used Top Producer, TMS is much more user friendly and with it’s integration with AOS you have a winner. There is nothing I have seen that is better saving me TIME and MONEY. Thanks you many times again. They do not compete. AOS you are the best overall.
Kathy, Administrator / Agent RE/MAX