The Only True Cloud based Showing / Professional Feedback management system for Broker Offices, Call Center Operations and Virtual Offices

Real Front Desk is a TRUE Cloud based system where no software downloads is needed.  Your office and agents can connect from their desk top or mobile device anywhere with our one of nation’s fastest fiber network to quickly manage showings and feedbacks, send confirmation emails or texts, feedback requests, access multiple reports for the office and owner and much more.  Our Real Estate Industry’s leading FREE Professional Feedback system for all your Agents is second to none.  Our lightning fast fiber network connects directly and updates daily with your MLS so no manual entry of your listings or an agent’s data is needed.  You will be amazed how quickly you can navigate through our system setting showings, running reports and doing day to day task unlike any other system on the market today.  What Brokers like most is that we have the lowest cost per office and agent than any other showing and professional management system in the industry.

AOS Real Front Desk saved our offices thousands of dollars compared to other showing desk systems, no need to download software, fastest system we have ever used and our agents gained more features. We have used other showing systems and this is definitely by far the best system at the best rate. – Corporate IT Director.

Real Front Desk



Real Front Desk



AOS Real Front Desk

  • Industry’s First and Only True Cloud Showing and Professional Feedback management system
  • Set showings on today’s quickest showing system and the nation’s fastest fiber network
  • Access multiple reports in our Cloud system with no software downloaded for offices, agents and owners
  • Immediate confirmation emails notifications sent via email and text
  • Customizable Professional Feedback forms sent allows the office or agents gained more feedback through the Cloud
  • All agents receive the Professional Feedback at no additional cost or upgrades needed.
  • MLS data upgraded multiple times daily keeping your listings and agent data fresh
  • Integration is available to most systems eliminating duplicate entry
  • Industry’s leading training, support and continue updates is our claim for fame, second to none
  • Real Front Desk On Line integration with your MLS is available to eliminate 50 – 70% of showing calls, stop paying for high cost call centers.
  • User friendly with all web browsers, iPhone, Androids, iPads and all mobile devices.
  • Centralize Showing Feature to network offices at no additional cost and many more features including our Free Call Tracking system.

Please compare our features with any other showing desk web edition and you will find we have GREATER FEATURES with NO ADDITIONAL COST = LOWER COST TO YOU!

Bottom line: We save your firm and agents money delivering more features turning your offices into a cost conscience NUMBER 1 Sales Office!


Watch our Showing Management System Video Presentation.

Watch our Professional Feedback System Video Presentation

Watch our Brief Real Front Desk Features Video Presentation. On You Tube please call it AOS Real Front Desk showing and professional feedback management brief presentation.

Pricing is based on the size of the office and based on a per office determination. Please view our on line presentation or schedule a demo to gain a hands on feel why Real Estate Professionals are saving money and gaining more features than any other cloud showing and professional feedback system on the market today.