Ideal for the MLSs and REALTOR ® Associations, a True Cloud Based Showing / Professional Feedback management system for the MLS and REALTOR ® Association supporting all their members’ needs.

Real Front Desk On Line is the ultimate feature rich lightning fast Cloud based Showing and Professional Feedback Management system MLS integration that completes all the MLS or REALTOR ® Association members showing and feedback management needs.  Real Front Desk On Line integration with your MLS or REALTOR ® Association system, Real Estate Professionals gain superior innovation to schedule highly secure on line showings saving time, lost or delayed emails, telephone calls and tag, reduce high cost call centers and reduces cost per office versus the use of other showing management systems. Some MLS or REALTOR ® Association implement showing system that sends email showing requests that are lost, delayed and risk totally lost showings plus house sales. Real Front Desk On Line is the Industry’s First Cloud system that is competitively priced low sparing no features so the MLS or REALTOR ® Association can reduce cost and still deliver their members all the features to sell houses faster and work efficiently. One huge feature at no cost to the members is our Industry’s Leading Professional Feedback system.  Real Front Desk On Line is second to none when it comes to saving time, deliver greater features, better customer service, on line showing security and accountability at the industry’s lowest rates.

As you know, our company has almost 350 agents among 10 offices, in 3 separate MLSs, and many agents work in teams. The ability for each agent to receive feedback directly has greatly enhances our response time on requests for further information on listings, and on contract negotiations, particularly on weekends. All our Agents like saving time and money with the FREE Professional Feedback system that has helped them sell houses faster! In addition, the Real Front Desk On Line system has reduced our call count by 50% saving our operation much time and money!

Barbara Hawkins, Prudential C Dan Joyner

Real Front Desk Online




AOS Real Front Desk Cloud Showing and FREE Professional Feedback system Includes:– Industries first Real Estate Cloud Showing and FREE Professional Feedback system

  • MLS integration with the Industry’s First Cloud and Fastest Showing and Professional Feedback system
  • On Line secure scheduling with easy to use calendar by showing agent to schedule showings
  • Showing Agents can set time slots sent directly to Listing Office’s Real Front Desk system and to Listing Agent’s emails to log in directly from any mobile device or web browser
  • Unlike other MLS emailing showing systems, your showing requests are securely logged into the Listing Office’s system with email notification as a secondary less secure showing request means of notification of an On Line Showing request. No lost emails, delays or lost showings with our highly secure system.
  • Email and Text confirmation emails are set to Showing Agent, Listing Agent and Assistants and Owners completing the communication cycle
  • Vacant properties showings can immediately confirmed and emails / texts sent without any telephone calls saving time and money with any mobile device or web browser
  • More Online Reports accessible faster from our Cloud system than any other MLS or REALTOR ® Association showing management system on the market today
  • Owners and Listing Agents can quickly access reports with the most highest client satisfaction with our Cloud system
  • Each Agent receives with NO OPTIONAL UPGRADES the Industry’s Leading Professional Feedback system providing a customizable survey form with house image sent to the Agent than can be accessed by any mobile device or web browser from our highly innovative systems to help sell houses faster
  • Real Front Desk On Line does not stop here, we deliver the MLS or REALTOR ® Association greater features than any other showing and professional feedback system on the market today at the industry’s lowest costs.


Watch our MLS / REALTOR ® Association Wide Real Front Desk On Line Showing and Professional Feedback System Presentation


Pricing is determine based on the size of MLS or REALTOR ®s Association. No additional cost to offices to gain getter features with additional showing or professional feedback systems savings offices thousands of dollars each. Real Front Desk On Line is fully and easily integrated with any MLS system on the market today.